Welcome to our new shop!

*If you are already our customer your details will automatically be transferred to our new platform.

Unfortunately we could not transfer your password as it is not a record we store on our database (for security reasons) , so please follow this simple procedure to reset it.

To reset your password:

  • Please check your email box for an account opening invite sent from orders@thefreshdelivery.co.uk and follow a link in that email to reset it.
  • Alternatively, try to log in with your email and use the "forgotten password option" to start the reset procedure.

If you did not get any email and/or your email is not working with the "forgotten password" option, it means that we did not transfer your account across.

In that case, please set up a new account with us.

When it comes to any loyalty points left behind - we will transfer all your points* and add 500 points (worth £10.00) to your account on signup.

Thank you for your continued custom and support.

We hope you will enjoy shopping on our new website.


*loyalty points amount snapshot taken on 10.03.2021